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Know Your Music: Afro Tech

Welcome to another edition of “Know Your Music,” where we delve into the rich tapestry of musical genres that shape our sonic landscape. In this installment, let’s embark on an enlightening journey through the history and rhythmic allure of Afro Tech—a genre that transcends boundaries, blending the vibrant beats of African heritage with the cutting-edge […]

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Calussa in Cancun

Afro Tech takes HRoof: Calussa’s Elevation at OPIA

Prepare for a transcendent sonic odyssey at HRoof on Saturday, February 3rd, as we proudly present the internationally acclaimed electronic music duo, Calussa. Composed of the musical maestros Andrew and Gino Gomez, Calussa has meticulously crafted a distinctive Afro Tech sound that resonates across eminent labels like Defected Records, Diplo’s Higher Ground, Saved Records, Get […]

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Architecture takes center stage at HRoof with the stunning design of Filipao Nunes

In the dynamic nightlife scene of Latin America, HRoof emerges as the epitome of exclusivity and innovation in the realm of nightclubs. This space not only stands out as the most exclusive in the region but its architecture stands as a masterpiece that redefines the standards of contemporary design. Behind this unique architectural vision is […]