Unveiling the Magic: H Roof’s Holiday Week

Unveiling the Magic: H Roof’s Holiday Week

Join us for a journey into the extraordinary as H Roof presents a dazzling ‘Holiday Week’ celebration! From December 27th to December 31st, we extend an invitation to five nights of unparalleled music, exquisite ambiance, and unforgettable moments that will linger in your memories. Breaking from our usual rhythm, H Roof opens its doors from Wednesday to Sunday to bid farewell to 2023 in the most stylish manner. Here’s a sneak peek into the magical lineup awaiting you:

December 27: Tom & Collins

Launching the week with a bang, we have the dynamic duo, Tom & Collins, the maestros of house and techno. With a musical partnership that traces back to their college days, they’ve become pioneers in shaping the electronic music landscape. Renowned for their innovative sound, a seamless fusion of infectious rhythms and cutting-edge production, Tom & Collins stand as industry icons. From headlining major festivals to collaborating with global music luminaries, they continue to push the boundaries of electronic music. Brace yourself for an electrifying start to the festivities as Tom & Collins take center stage, setting the tone for a week of unparalleled excitement!

December 28: Cesar Absalon

On December 28th, the turntables will be under the command of Cesar Absalon, a virtuoso in crafting sonic journeys that transcend genres. Prepare for an immersive experience as Absalon spins tunes that resonate with the heart and soul, creating an atmosphere where music becomes an immersive storytelling experience.

December 29: The Magician

Step into a world of enchantment on December 29th with The Magician. Renowned for his magical mixes, he’ll weave a spellbinding atmosphere that guarantees a night of musical wizardry. The Magician has transformed the electronic music scene with his solo career, gracing some of the world’s most iconic stages. Join us for a night where The Magician’s sonic enchantments guarantee an unforgettable experience, as he continues to be a maestro of melody and a true wizard of the electronic music realm.

December 30: Ardavin

As the weekend approaches, Ardavin takes control of the booth, promising a night of pulsating beats and infectious energy. Join us for an evening filled with dance-worthy rhythms as Ardavin delivers a sonic experience that transcends the ordinary.

December 31: New Year’s Eve

Ring in the New Year with us at the most anticipated party in town! A night filled with surprises, good vibes, and a DJ spinning tunes that’ll have you dancing into 2024. Join us for the grand finale of Holiday Week, a celebration that promises to be the epitome of style and revelry.

Book your tables now for an enchanting week filled with beats and celebration. Let’s raise our glasses to a dazzling end to 2023 at H Roof! #HolidayWeek #NewYearEveParty #NotForEveryone