Types of People You Can Find at HRoof Every Weekend

Types of People You Can Find at HRoof Every Weekend

As is customary in cities known for their club scene, there is a diverse audience who seek to enjoy a unique nightlife experience, and Cancun is no exception. Today we have compiled a wide variety of individuals and how they live out their clubbing experience. We present you the types of people you can find at HRoof every weekend:

The Dancer: The true music lovers whose safe haven is the dance floor, becoming  a place to let loose and be themselves, often stealing the spotlight and catching everyone’s eye for their infectious moves and overall confidence.

The Photographer: This person loves capturing every possible memory and often photographs and records the entire night. Do not mistake their need to capture the moment for a lack of living it, their presence at the club is a treasure as they hold all the documented memories of the night, enabling fleeing moments to last forever.

The Lovers: Amidst the atmosphere and chaotic nature of the club, these types of clubbers are always in their own little world. They move as one on the dance floor, embracing themselves and dancing to the beat of the music. Their attention is focused on each other, and although surrounded by people, their focus is each other and nothing else.

The Shot Animator: They are the life of the night, always ready to uplift the mood. Regardless of the moment, this person takes the initiative to organize rounds of shots for everyone. Their enthusiasm is contagious and their presence indispensable to ensure that everyone joins in on the fun. 

The Social Explorer: This friend is known for being the most adventurous of the group, never staying still (let alone at one table). They are constantly exploring the venue, engaging in conversations with different people, and, by the end of the night, they have the most to tell.

The Protector: The most caring and protective, this person never lets you go to the bathroom alone. They are always looking out for others and are concerned about maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. You will never catch a ride home alone or leave your purse unattended while this friend is nearby.Now that you know our different types of attendees at HRoof, which one are you? Don’t wait any longer and book now to experience an unparalleled experience and follow our social media channels to stay updated on our upcoming exclusive events.