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Let’s talk about wine.

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Let’s talk about wine

Globalization brings us closer, and in the world of wine enthusiasts there is no exception. 

Distance is no longer a problem when it comes to sharing pleasant moments with friends, and perhaps even a couple of drinks. Proof of this is GRUPO ANDERSON’S latest event: “HABLEMOS DE VINO”, a concept created to keep alive the amazing experience of discussing about wine with friends and experts.

HABLEMOS DE VINO (Translated to “Let’s talk about wine”) will feature renowned sommelier Roberto Fuentes guiding a conversation about wine and its wonders, discussing different issues regarding the topic, and accompanied by you, from the comfort of your home. 

The conference will take place this Friday, may 15th, through GRUPO ANDERSON’S Zoom platform, and all the information regarding costs, schedule, delivering prices, and menu is available at:  

Don’t miss the incredible opportunity to taste two of GRUPO ANDERSON’S most exclusive wines, learn in a fun, yet professional way, while enjoying the best company.