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The History of Dom Perignon: From Making Sparks to Making Stars.

/Drinks /The History of Dom Perignon: From Making Sparks to Making Stars

The History of Dom Perignon: From Making Sparks to Making Stars

When we refer to the story behind one of the top brands of champagne in the world, Dom Perignon, we are actually referring to the history of champagne itself. 

Yup… the history of champagne is born with Dom Perignon, who was a Benedictine monk that lived in Hautvillers, a place located in the Champagne region of France over 300 years ago.

This guy spent his life trying to improve some of the processes involved in winemaking, and he eventually came up with the most sought after of drinks, one that could only find comparison in the idea of drinking bottled stars.

But not everything was as easy and smooth as it sounds. He had to do quite a lot of research and testing before he came up with just the perfect formula and even after that there needed to be some strategy to turn this product into the equivalent of luxury and celebration that it is today.

How did it all happen?

So, Dom Perignon is considered the father of champagne, right?

This brand is produced by Moët & Chandon, who are co-owners of the largest luxury group in the world: LVMH.

It is one of the finest in the world and the name has worldwide presence. Chosen for many occasions of celebration, no one can deny it is indeed like drinking stars.

The early days of Dom Perignon

Dom Perignon found a unique way to improve the quality of the wines he was producing, by mixing the grapes and developing white wine out of a blend of black grapes.

During his early days, he had problems with the fermentation process and had to deal with lower quality glass bottles that would often explode. So he introduced the use of thicker glass bottles and replaced with a cork the wood that was used until then to seal the bottle.

He came up with a way to improve the method and the product turned out pretty good, so naturally his reputation preceded him and caught the attention of the king, who immediately loved his product.

Dom Perignon had then triumphantly entered the royal court of Versailles and he had intentions to linger.

Bottled stars?… Yeah, that plus a badass market strategy

The story behind the Dom Perignon brand is clearly marked by research, study, hard work and a clear goal of perfection, as well as by the power of a good market strategy.

The first vintage bottle of the brand was manufactured in 1921 and was released only 15 years later.

Boom! The wine gained incredible popularity.

What allowed this brand to grow from its early history until reaching the status of the luxury product that it is today, is that it catered to a very specific demographic group that made the product its own and began to consume it as a kind of tradition. It became a symbol of celebration for the upper classes. However, what has made Dom Perignon last over time is undoubtedly the quality of the product.

Dom Perignon’s success in finding a way to mix the best grapes and come up with a good blend was monumental, making their vintage batches of grapes of the highest quality possible (and if it didn’t meet the standards, well, then the batch is not released… how about that?). This raised the price of the previous batch and consequently impacted the brand’s status as a very exclusive product.

So, a good market strategy secured the brand and once that happened its popularity increased among royalty to the point of turning it into the choice champagne the most relevant events and ceremonies of the courts. And, unsurprisingly, it remains so to this day and not only for the courts, but for everyone with the finest taste.

As you can see, the history of Dom Perignon confirms its greatness, its uniqueness. Are you ready to drink stars at the most exclusive nightclub in Cancun?

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