Exclusive launch Volcan de mi Tierra X.A. at HROOF

Exclusive launch Volcan de mi Tierra X.A. at HROOF

HROOF is honored to host the exclusive launch of Volcan de mi Tierra X.A. at its venue, promising a magical and special night for its guests. This coming Friday, January 27th, you can join us in celebrating a one-of-a-kind tequila, with an exceptional design.

The nightclub will be the scene of a complex, intense and sweet night like the flavor of Volcan de mi Tierra X.A. tequila. Our lights will burn like the magma of a volcano and the sounds will heat up the atmosphere surrounded by an extremely fiery environment. We are experts creating memorable nights, so this special weekend will be an event of the highest level.

About Volcan de mi Tierra X.A

The new premium label from the Moët Hennessy group arrives with an innovative tequila made from 100% blue agave and zero additives. 

On the slopes of the Tequila Volcano grows the agave fed by the earth full of mineral nutrients that the eruption of the volcano left almost 100,000 years ago. With a creative bottle design, energetic aromas, and exquisite flavor Volcan de mi Tierra X.A. pays tribute in every way to the power of a volcano full of energy and life.

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