Embrace the Tropical Vibes: Pablo Fierro Takes Over HRoof

Embrace the Tropical Vibes: Pablo Fierro Takes Over HRoof

Join us at HRoof next Friday, 19th, for an electrifying evening with live performance of Pablo Fierro. Hailing from the vibrant Canary Islands, Pablo stands as a beacon of the new wave of cosmopolitan electronic music, seamlessly blending ancestral sounds with mind-blowing electronic compositions deeply rooted in his tropical heritage.

Pablo’s musical journey is as diverse as it is inspiring. From composing music for films to leading his own international record label, Vida Records, his passion for music knows no bounds. As a lyricist, composer, DJ, and producer, Pablo has collaborated with world-class artists like Gilles Peterson, Louie Vega, Atjazz, and Black Coffee, crafting hundreds of productions across various styles.

About Pablo Fierro’s Beats 

His releases on renowned labels such as Innervisions, MoBlack, and Sony Music showcase his unique and ardent sound, characterized by powerful percussion compositions intertwined with deep cultural influences. Pablo’s music is not just heard but felt, stirring emotions and inspiring listeners to dance.

Having graced the stages of prestigious venues worldwide, including Watergate in Berlin, Djoon in Paris, and Heart in Ibiza, Pablo’s performances are a testament to the unifying power of music. His constant exploration of new genres and influences promises to take listeners on a journey that offers a fresh perspective and a renewed appreciation for the beauty of music.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the magic of Pablo Fierro live at HRoof. Get ready to immerse yourself in tropical vibes and dance to the infectious beats of this extraordinary artist. 

See you at HRoof.