Afro Tech takes HRoof: Calussa’s Elevation at OPIA

Afro Tech takes HRoof: Calussa’s Elevation at OPIA

Prepare for a transcendent sonic odyssey at HRoof on Saturday, February 3rd, as we proudly present the internationally acclaimed electronic music duo, Calussa. Composed of the musical maestros Andrew and Gino Gomez, Calussa has meticulously crafted a distinctive Afro Tech sound that resonates across eminent labels like Defected Records, Diplo’s Higher Ground, Saved Records, Get Physical, and their personal imprint, Hurry up Slowly.

Calussa in Cancun

Calussa’s journey through the electronic music landscape has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by consistent global chart success and acclaim from industry luminaries. Icons such as Black Coffee, Carl Cox, Nic Fanciulli, Vintage Culture, Diplo, and more have acknowledged the duo’s artistic brilliance, solidifying their status as rising stars in the underground scene. From their groundbreaking track “Fell in Luv”, a captivating collaboration with Carlita released on Diplo‘s Higher Ground label, to the infectious Latin crossover house vibes of “Vente” alongside Nic Fanciulli on Defected Records, Calussa continually pushes boundaries, shaping the future of underground electronic music.

As the beats converge under the HRoof for the OPIA night, the evening will be further adorned by the enchanting sounds of D’Witches and the rhythmic stylings of Rabin, each adding their distinctive brushstroke to the evolving musical canvas. Brace yourself for an exploration of boundary-pushing creativity, an evening dedicated to the underground, where Calussa’s magic and atmospheric vibes crafted by these musical virtuosos collide.

Calussa in Cancun wil take the HRoof stage this Saturday, February 3rd.