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The Return of a Classic: BMW 3 Series.

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The Return of a Classic: BMW 3 Series

Since May this year the new version of the BMW 3 Series arrived to Mexico, with a 100% renewed image of the flagship model of the emblematic German brand, the new 3 Series, the favorite sedan, whose transformation implied almost reinventing the legend.

“Hello, BMW”

For its seventh generation, the car remains true to its sporting roots: agile, sharp and highly qualified for fast driving, with integrated technology to offer semi-autonomous driving, as well as an AI assistant, a digital character that responds to the driver’s commands with the intention of providing help and support should it be required, for example, by answering questions regarding the vehicle’s performance such as “Is the oil level correct?” or “Please change temperature to 20 degrees.”

The assistant’s goal is to improve the driving experience by answering any question’s regarding the vehicle that the driver may have, as well as completing tasks when required.

The beauty is also on the outside

On the other hand, among the external novelties you can find a distinct horizontal T-shaped insert in both sides, where the fog catches are installed, in addition to highlighting the characteristic grill which adds to the sports look, plus the fact that the dimensions of the car also increased, giving way for more comfortable and spacious interiors.

The inside was renewed to meet the demands of the customers, with changes such as the power button which is now located in the center console. And, as the premium vehicle it is, the model allows for a level of customization that can offer a unique for each client, including the Sport Line, Luxury and M Spot versions, where you can modify the upholstery, steering wheel designs, etc.

Without a doubt, the German brand considered every single detail during this relaunch, which makes us proud being also a Mexican production model, assembled at the new BMW plant in San Luis Potosí.

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